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5 Tips For Hunting Teal More Successfully

, take out your full or modified and opt for a “decoy” or short range tube. Most of your shots will be less than 35 yards, and you will have a dense and gap-free pattern with a good wad stripping choke rather than a constriction style choke. 

4. Keep your head down and focus. It is very easy to want to look at the whole show when 50 bluewings are twisting and dive-bombing the dekes at daylight. However, this will usually lead to three spent hulls and your retriever looking at you with disgust. Pick a single bird and kill him FIRST.  Don’t worry about the others that are zig-zagging like they are possessed by a devil.  When your cheek meets your stock, keep it there and maintain that focus and I guarantee you will kill more birds.

5. Keep other shells handy. Teal are notorious for flying the first 30-45 minutes of legal shooting time and then almost disappearing. As soon as you are done shooting, IMMEDIATELY reload. I have certainly been guilty of looking and seeing more birds approaching and raising up only to hear a “click” and realize I never reloaded my gun.  Try and keep the shells in a wader pouch, bench or somewhere that is very easy and convenient to reach.  I will often attempt to put shells in a loaded gun to make sure I am ready for the next bunch that falls into the blocks. Just as fast as the action can start it can certainly end, so be sitting on go with a reloaded weapon.  

Try and apply these tips this year when teal season rolls around. I know some of this may seem like common sense and other parts may be new to you, but give them a shot and see if they don’t help you this teal season.

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