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Brandon Palaniuk: Fishing for Bass in Traffic


Brandon Palaniuk Bassmaster Elite 2020By day two of practice for the 安徽11选5Bassmaster Elite Series, I was pretty much dialed in on where and how I was going to fish the tournament. I decided to fish in the area with the most bait fish and set up a milk run that started off with 50 different rocks/boulders. 

安徽11选5There were about 15 other competitors who fished in the same area, and several of them made the cut for the top 40 and then the final top 10。 I didn’t hesitate to fish a spot that I had located just because another competitor had fished that same place just before me。 I knew another smallmouth would start holding in that same site before long。 I was fortunate enough to have a few more areas located away from the crowd where I caught a few, extra-big bites。 Although other contestants were in the same regions as me at times, the decisions I made on how long I fished and how quickly or slowly I moved from one spot to another really made a difference in my securing the win。 

Over the course of the tournament, I learned which rocks and boulders most likely would be holding good-sized smallmouths every time I fished them. Some of the fish I caught off the rocks, I’m sure were resident fish, but I think a larger majority of them were roaming and following schools of bait fish. The two dominant bait fish in this lake were perch and LY’s ().

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